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Strong technical force and stronger strength.

        "Science and technology are the primary productive forces". Only enterprises with their own brands and strong R & D teams can be better at resisting risks. Gretel is committed to product development, research, high quality, novelty and serialization, and timely grasp the advanced photovoltaic technology at home and abroad, keep forging ahead, integrate high-quality materials, and produce excellent solar lighting products.

        The company has complete professional testing instruments (spectrum analyzer, high and low temperature humidity test chamber, magnetic material computer analyzer, computer testing system, etc.) and first-class product development laboratory. The company has gathered a professional technical development team composed of a number of undergraduate, master and doctoral students to update products every three months.

        All products of the company are made of raw materials from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, and key components are imported originals. In terms of production, the company has introduced imported equipment and other internationally advanced production equipment at all costs.