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Professional design quality assurance

The design concept is the soul of the whole lighting. Gretel has an excellent design elite team. They have rich artistic imagination, broad vision, unique insight, the ability to turn art into a perfect reality, and the creativity of ingenious conception and excellence. They create every project as a classic art, and perfectly integrate lighting technology and artistic creativity.

design goal

Based on science and technology and humanities, it perfectly combines architectural culture with lighting art to create a warm and bright night landscape.

Lighting design principles

Principle of practicality

Including the basic illumination level required by the environment to meet the lighting requirements. Energy saving, durability and convenient maintenance of lighting fixtures shall be considered.

Principle of integrity

Emphasize the integrity of lighting environment, deal with the relationship between individual and group, pay attention to the integrity of individual lighting, balance the lighting intensity, color and other lighting elements of each part of the light, implement zoning control, and formulate planning objectives and control requirements according to the characteristics of different sections.

The principle of artistry is to use a variety of lighting methods, illuminance, light color, lamp selection and other lighting technology combinations. In order to create a highly appreciative environmental landscape with a combination of points, lines and areas and a distinct and orderly rhythm.

Durability principle

The short-term and long-term are unified, and the high standard of long-term goals and the reliability of short-term implementation are considered. Harmony in the daytime at night, considering the comparison and coordination between the sunlight environment and the lighting environment, as well as the impact of lamp installation on the daytime landscape, combining peacetime with festivals, and considering the different atmosphere requirements and control methods in peacetime and festivals.

Economic principle

On the premise of completing the art of the overall landscape, lamps and lanterns with long service life, low energy consumption and convenient maintenance and management shall be used as much as possible to make the lighting design economical and reasonable.