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Led consumer market demand increases and related industries rise in the wind

  • GLD
  • 2022-04-03 00:07:32
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LED products can be said to be ubiquitous in people's lives, such as general LED lighting, indicator lights, TV / laptop screens, mobile phone backlighting, etc., which are becoming increasingly important in the automotive sector; Compared with traditional bulbs, LED lamps have the advantages of small volume, fast response, long service life, difficult attenuation, environmental protection and low current and voltage, which makes LED lamps more and more important in the application of vehicle lighting.

Especially in recent years, energy conservation and emission reduction have become increasingly tight, and many enterprises have difficulty in doing business, so they gradually turn their attention to the company's operating costs. Among them, the remaining electricity charges for LED lamps are also the top priority. In the next 20 years or more, the lighting industry must be the world of LED lamps. LED has unparalleled advantages in workshop, outdoor and decorative lighting.

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